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Learning Style

The school aims to provide a multifarious learning experience for all by building a foundation of knowledge in various domains through rigorous study and practical application. Theunique features of being educated at VIVIDH are:

• Brain Spark Integrated Learning Centre
• English Language Development Programme
• Learning Readiness Programme
• Intensely Inquisitive Research and Project Scheme
• Life skills (VALUES)
• Multifarious Reading Scheme
• Intrinsic Hobby Clubs
• Sports and Fitness/ Shilpakala- Artisitc Space/Natural Space/ e- Space
• Unique Kaligraphia
• CSC- Community Service Club

Brain SPARK Integrated learning centre

Brain SPARK is an experiential learning space integrated with English, Math and Science activities where children get self-paced hands on experience connecting to daily life.

English Language Development Programme

At foundation levels VIVIDH believes that language learning is key to mastery in all subjects. To develop real life English skills the school has developed a structured English Language Program. Instead of using conventional textbooks students build their LSRW skills in a fun and exploratory manner using customised and graded learning material. Children take up Cambridge English Language Assessment to have global proficiency.

Learning Readiness Programme -Diagnostic Assessments

One of the unique features offered by VIVIDH is the emphasis placed on facilitating learning in students. To ensure that learning outcomes for each Grade are uniformly achieved, students undergo a bridge course specifically crafted to revise and strengthen the previously learnt concepts.

Intensely Inquisitive Research and Project Scheme

It is carried out through
(i) 8 Core Competencies

• Curiosity: The ability to ask questions and explore the working of the world.
• Creativity: The ability to generate new ideas and to apply them in real time.
• Citizenship: The ability to engage constructively with society and to participate in the processes that sustain it.
• Communication: The ability to express thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently through different mediums.
• Collaboration: The ability to work constructively with others.
• Compassion: The ability to empathize with others and to act accordingly.
• Composure: The ability to connect with rich inner life of feeling and develop a sense of personal harmony and balance.
• Criticism: The ability to analyse any information and form reasoned arguments and judgements .

(ii) Kinaesthetic Learning

This involves the students learning about various concepts of a subject through pre-planned activities. The involvement of the physical body and the brain ensures the active participation of the students retaining their attention, energising the students, developing an interest in the subject and in greater retention of the concepts.
The learning spaces are not restricted to the classrooms within the buildings, the entire campus is transformed into a learning centre.

(iii) Out of the box learning

The school will facilitate guest lectures and motivational speeches by eminent, versatile and intellectually savvy personalities, giving students a broader understanding of the ideas and perspectives that shape the world around them.

Field visits will be organized once a month to help the students experience and learn concepts in real-time; and adventure camps once a term to push the boundaries of their individual ‘comfort zones’ to try new adventurous activities.

SUPW(Socially Useful Productive Work) comprises of vocational subjects that impart skills which are productive and useful. These skills can be applied to generate a source of income for others, and to transfer knowledge.

Multifarious Reading Scheme

Well ventilated and naturally lit classrooms create the ambience for learning to occur. Ample seating arrangements with learning nooks and corners have been designed. Reading spaces are well stocked with books from different genres and are not restricted to the library; instead easy access is provided in classroom nooks and lobby areas.

Sports & Fitness Spaces

The school has a passion to get kids of today to embrace sports and more importantly healthier life style and follows structured sports curriculum to teach kids fundamental movement and gross motor skills progressively in a “FUN” way using props and music to not only improve fitness and sport abilities but also help to instil healthy lifestyle habits among kids and assist in their overall development.
Outdoor sports facilities are provided for students to pursue their interests in football, cricket, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, swimming and skating. An indoor sports area is also available. Yoga, Gymnastics and Aerobics classes will be conducted in a structured progressive manner to develop, maintain the flexibility and agility in the students.

Unique Kaligraphia

To master the basics of penmanship skills the school trains the children for unique handwriting style. This training includes comfortable position of holding pencils, analysing lettering, Spacing, Slant, Stretch, Loops, Joints, Style, Length of letters and consistent baseline for letters.

Artistic Spaces

An outdoor mini amphitheatre with a stage and semi-circle seating area for 25 students will be part of the tiered landscape. It will provide the students a space to host live dramatic events, class plays, and other interactive activities.

E-Space- Multi technology Learning

The teaching of the subjects will involve a judicious blend of theory, activity, projects, and technology based learning.

Intrinsic Hobby Clubs

Clubs are hubs of student activity where they connect collaborate and create ideas. The different Clubs to choose from depending on the individual interest of the students are,
• Literary (dealing with epics, prose, poetry)
• Numeracy (dealing with the magic of numbers),
• Science (dealing with the mysteries of the world),
• Heritage (dealing with Cultures of the world),
• Photography (dealing with the theory and application of capturing the world),
• Arty Crafty(dealing with subjects like painting, drawing, sketching),
• CSC- Community Service Club (dealing with serving the community),
• Techneering (dealing with Aero modelling, Robotics, Brainbox- Visual
• School Enterprise (dealing with new business ventures)
• Drama Club (dealing with dramatics)